Graduate and Undergraduate programs offered at the National University

Academic Programs

Academic Program

Undergraduate Program

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Successful students of the general foundation program are enrolled for the MD program at the Sohar Campus. It is a 6 year program, consisting of 1 year premed, 3 years preclinical and 2 years clinical courses.

BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences

The program is qualified academic and applied science education that is designed to help students to develop, perform, evaluate and correlate laboratory testing while assuring quality and accuracy. 

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm)

The College of Pharmacy offers a four year program leading to the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. The college is in academic partnership with West Virginia University USA and has been approved.

BEng Civil Engineering

BEng Civil Engineering Program is a four year degree program. This program relates to the introduction of the most common practices of civil engineering such as wastewater treatment, solid waste management,

BEng Electronics & Communications Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering deals with the electronic devices and software applications. It is an interface of chip level hardware and information technology. This is done through the effective

BEng Computer Engineering

Graduates of Computer Engineering will be able to begin a career in computer engineering practice or pursue advanced studies in computer engineering and computer science here or abroad.

BEng Electrical Power Engineering

This 4-year degree program imparts a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of electrical power engineering as well as a broader set of professional skills and exposure to other technical disciplines. 

BEng Mechanical Engineering

BEng Mechanical Engineering program is a four year degree program for those who want to gain knowledge in mechanical engineering to pursue a career in industry or continue in graduate studies.

BEng Process Operations and Maintenance

BEng Process Operations and Maintenance program is a four year degree program for those who want to gain knowledge in a focused area of chemical and mechanical engineering to pursue a career in industry

BEng Chemical Engineering

BEng Chemical Engineering program is a four-year degree program that is envisioned to impart knowledge in focused areas of chemical engineering either to pursue a career in industry or continue to graduate studies.

BS Quantity Surveying and Cost Management

This is a four year degree program for those who want to gain knowledge in quantity surveying and cost management to pursue a career in industry or continue in graduate studies. The degree is awarded

BSc IT Management for Business

Information technology and management is one of the emerging fields in IT which includes software design, project management, Finance Management, and International IT business development.

Bachelor of Engineering in

Process Engineering

Process Engineers are found in almost all industrial plants, and they are responsible for the design, operation, control and optimization of the processes. 

Bachelor of Science in

Logistics and Transport Management

The development of the Logistics and Transport Management (LTM) Programmes are informed by research and industry input.

Bachelor of Science in

Nautical Studies

The Deck Officer program is a field of study that mixes the ancient techniques in navigation with the latest technology in the Maritime industry. 

Bachelor of Science in

Marine Engineering

In the Marine Engineering Programme, our students will be taught how to operate, maintain and repair all machinery onboard any type of ship of any size and tonnage.

Graduate Programs

MSc. Clinical Pharmacy

The M.Sc. Program in Clinical Pharmacy is designed in academic partnership with West Virginia University (USA) to prepare professionally competent graduate students with deep subject knowledge and skills 

MSc. Health-System Pharmacy Administration

The M.Sc. program in Health-System Pharmacy Administration is designed in academic partnership with the School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina, USA to satisfy the local and regional requirements of pharmacists.

MSc Construction Management

The MSc Construction Management program is designed to impart the knowledge and skills that modern construction professionals need in order to meet the growing challenges of the field by focusing on sustainable

MSc Electrical Engineering

The MSc program develops technical and managerial skills with approaches necessary for addressing the ever demanding challenges in the power and energy and oil and gas sectors towards sustainable economic

MSc Chemical Process Engineering

The MSc in Chemical Process Engineering at NU is specifically designed to facilitate this collaboration and provides graduates from a variety of engineering and science disciplines with the advanced training required 

MSc Maintenance Management

This MSc programme is designed to impart skills and knowledge regarding modern maintenance strategies (such as condition-based maintenance and computerised maintenance systems) to professionals engaged

MSc Information Technology

This course which allows you to specialise in key areas of IT such as internetworking and cyber security or management helps you hone your skills in your particular area of interest and advance your career. 

MSc International Operations and Supply Chain Management

MSc International Operations and Supply Chain Management is offered in academic collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University (UK). This post graduate degree, awarded by GCU,

Diploma Program

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

This two-year diploma program has an equal blend of theoretical, practical, ethical and environmental based courses that meet the needs of the country, industries, and society as a whole.

Diploma in Electronics & Communications Engineering

Diploma in Electronics and Communications Engineering is a 2–year program that aims to provide knowledge and practical skills in the field of Electronics and Communications. 

Diploma in Information Technology Management for Business

This is a specialized and unique diploma that enable students to study and work on three domains (Information Technology, Business, Management and Finance). 

Diploma in Civil Engineering

The Diploma Program in Civil Engineering is a two-year program that contains a mixture of theoretical and practical courses to enable the graduate of this program.

Diploma in Quantity Surveying

Diploma in Quantity Surveying is a two-years program designed to provide the student with knowledge and understanding of quantity surveying techniques and practice.