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The University believes in the mutual reinforcement of teaching and research which positively impacts its learning environment and aspires to continuously transfer its research outcomes for societal benefits.

About Research

Research is essential to nation-building. It promotes social progress, economic growth, prosperity and makes a nation more competitive in the global scenario. Further, it helps to equip and train the workforce and encourages creativity and innovation. The National University of Science and Technology has a clearly defined research strategy and plans that include fundamental and applied research with strong industry, community, and university collaboration in the Sultanate of Oman and beyond the region. NU aspires to promote and implement both discipline-specific and multidisciplinary research through the provision of the required infrastructure, training, and resources contributing to the socio-economic growth in the region and beyond. The key research areas of the University include Energy and Industry, Information and Communication Technology, Health and Social Services, and Environmental and Biological Sciences.

We are committed to harnessing technology-driven research to generate new knowledge through collaborative and multidisciplinary research involving engineering, medical and applied pharmaceutical science. Further, we carry out specific scientific and technological research and consultancy in close cooperation with industries and the community. Our research focus is customer-driven, and we make a special effort to ensure fruits of research benefit the customer, faculty and community at large. Our primary focus is on using our expertise to solve research problems by applying known technology to minimize cost, risk, and development time.


The University has achieved much success in research performance over the past seven years including:

  • More than 177 funded research projects 
  • More than 4000 Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals/Conferences
  • More than 1260 Scopus Publications
  • 30 active international collaborations
  • More than 70 PhDs supervised.
  • More than 500 student publications
  • More than 360 Master dissertations
  • More than 30 Patents

Research Performance over the last 7 years

  • 30 MoUs with various Industries for Research & Student Placement
  • Won more than 35 awards in the last six years at the national & international level.
  • More than 177 Funded Research Projects with worth of 3.4 million USD
  • More than 300 students have participated in the projects.
  • More than 30 Patents & Inventions
  • More than 360 Master dissertations

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