Campus Life

National University has four campuses with 4200+ students from 37 nationalities and staff members from 25 nationalities. University offers programs in academic collaboration with reputed international Universities namely Glasgow Caledonian University, UK, University of South Virginia, USA and University of South Carolina, USA and has MoUs for research collaborations with many organisations and companies in and around Oman making the University a unique multi-cultural, multi-campus, multidisciplinary campus.

Welcome to student life at National University where we believes that higher education experience is not only to learn the competencies of your chosen discipline but also we strive to create an engaging, active, education environment that support and motivate student learning, develop your personalities, serves the University community, and inspires students to make a positive contribution to society.  We accomplish this through participation in extra-curricular activities which will help you to improve your leadership skills, teamwork, and the ability to meet and overcome challenges and above all inculcates in you the spirit of sportsmanship. All these are skills you will need in your day to day life especially when you move out into the world of work. With this in view ample opportunities are available to hone your skills.

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Computing and Communications

National University provides state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure and services to cater to all the technological needs of staff and students. Connection to free campus Wi-Fi allows access to learning management systems and the University online portal for course content, announcements, submissions and assessments. All campuses are connected with OMREN (Oman Research and Educational Network) with internet leased lines.

All students and staff are provided with a University e-mail address and they are connected through the latest technology enabled platform for all academic and social activities on the campuses. Dedicated Helpdesk counters across the campuses provide onsite help for the student community.

Library and Information Services

The Library and Information Services at National University provide study facilities, books loans, learning resources, e-Journals and e-Books. With an expansive range of online journal subscriptions and online books, e-learning is fundamental part of the library services, helping students with their learning and research activities both on and off campus. Common study areas, quiet study areas for individuals and group, and a Learning Resource Center (LRC) are all available.

Counseling and Grievances

Counseling facilities are provided to support students throughout their student life on the campus. Students have access to free counseling services across all campuses.

Students have the right to raise their concern on any matter, academic or non-academic, by completing the online complaint form. The right to appeal against decisions is permitted as per rules and regulations.

Extra-curricular Life

National University encourages students to participate in sports and cultural activities. Intercollegiate sports events are organized periodically and cultural activities are promoted through various clubs which organize events such as Open Day and National Day celebrations. Facilities are available for football, basketball, cricket, table-tennis, badminton and volleyball. In addition, a comprehensive professional development program enhances soft skills by getting students involved in a wide array of student activities, societies and clubs.

Student Empowerment and Leadership

Each college under National University has Student Advisory Council (SAC) operated by the students themselves to represent in various aspects of student life to enhance their learning experience. The SAC composition and remits are in accordance to the guidelines given by the MoHE in the ‘Regulatory guide of SAC at HEIs’ with the overall aim of enhancing and developing the educational/research process and services provided to students. This student-elected group offers a mechanism for identifying, discussing, and solving student related issues as well as involving students in the wider community. The Council provides a platform for expressing students’ views, talents and abilities and thereby provides An enriching experience in the college. The members of the council are professionally accountable for building, sustaining and integrating a strong and functional community that works in partnership with college management and staff, as well as with parents, for the benefit of all students.

Also, the SAC platform empowers the students and enhances the student participation in the decision-making process and overall professional development of students in the college through giving opportunities, training, and practice in leadership and management activities.


The SAC members meet with all representatives for identifying, discussing, and solving student related issues as well as involving students in the wider community. The council provides a platform for expressing students views, talents and abilities and thereby provides an enriching experience for the College as a whole. Over the years the council has been instrumental in enhancing various aspects of learning and teaching and the services provided by the colleges.

Students are viewed as partners in various decision making processes and forums and represent themselves in college committees and boards. The council has members from various nationalities giving an opportunity for cultural exchanges especially from those from other countries.

Accommodation, Transport and Dining

National University provides hostel facilities. However facilities for boy’s accommodation is limited to a few campuses. Student support services at National University, in liaison with admissions office, assigns students to accommodation during the admissions process. Transport facilities are also available.

At the College of Pharmacy, a hostel facility for female students is available and is designed to be comfortable & adequate to all female students. It accommodates 142 students governed by three house mothers. It is a 4-floor building with 48 rooms. The hostel handbook has all the rules and regulations which students should strictly follow. Students who break the hostel rules are subject to disciplinary action for misconduct.

Dining options on campus include canteens and cafes offering a selection of beverages as well as a variety of snacks and meals.

These outlets cater to every taste, culture and dietary need and are regularly monitored and supervised by internal and external authorities for health and hygiene.

Volunteerism & Charity

NU encourages students to take part in community activities, through registering themselves in various student’s clubs. Moreover student’s voluntary clubs often organize charity fairs and blood donation camps and proceeds are donated to recognized charitable institutions.