Academic Ranking for any educational university improves visibility and attracts talented students and faculty. Oman Vision 2040 guidelines emphasize that, by 2030, minimum of 3 Oman Universities and by 2040, minimum of 4 Oman universities shall be ranked under Top 300 in the QS World Ranking & NU aspires to achieve the distinction and to be one of the ranked universities under 300 in QS World Ranking.

Oman Target 1: Average rank of Omani Universities (listed within the top QS 500 universities) :  300 in the year 2030 & 2040

NU Target 1: NU aspires to become one of the Omani University within the top 500 QS WUR by 2030


Oman Target 2: The No of Omani universities (listed within the top QS 500 universities): 3 University by the year 2030 & 4 by the year 2040

NU Target 2: NU aspires to become one of the 3 Omani University within the top 300 QS WUR by 2030 & 4 by 2040

For more information on Oman Vision 2040, please download the full version of the same at the following link:  https://isfu.gov.om/2040/Vision_Documents_En.pdf

MENU : Ranking and Awards

NU in pursuit of reaching its vision of becoming an internationally renowned University, and achieving its mission and strategic goals, has identified following ranking systems and projects to enhance NU’s position in the world academic rankings as given below.


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