Research Strategy


Research is essential to nation-building. It promotes social progress, economic growth, prosperity and makes a nation more competitive in the global scenario. Further, it helps to equip and train the workforce and encourages creativity and innovation.

The National University of Science and Technology envisages short-term and long-term research plans that include fundamental and applied research with strong industry, community, and university collaboration in the Sultanate of Oman and beyond the region. The University believes in the mutual reinforcement of teaching and research which impact positively on its learning environment and aspires to continuously transfer its research outcomes for societal benefits.

The key research areas of the University include Energy and Industry, Information and Communication Technology, Health and Social Services, and Environmental and Biological Sciences.
The University’s research has the following characteristics:

  • Collaborative: Enhance knowledge exchange and promote collaboration and links within the University and between the University and other reputed external research organizations.
  • Multidisciplinary: Support, coordinate and monitor research activities of each college and promote both interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research.
  • Resources: Provide a conducive environment for researching with state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, and human talents.
  • Teaching-research nexus: Explore the potential links between teaching and research through its activities or the activities of the individual research groups or members.


Be a leader in scientific discoveries through innovative, multidisciplinary, collaborative and integrated research across all diverse spectrums of the university for the advancement of the society


To develop and implement multidisciplinary research that promotes the University as a leading institute in scholarly activities through the provision of the required infrastructure and resources contributing to the economic, social and cultural development in the region and beyond.


NU aspires to promote and implement both discipline-specific and multidisciplinary research through the provision of the required infrastructure, training, and resources contributing to the socio-economic growth in the region and beyond. The strategic pillars of the research at the University include:

  • Visibility: Ensure VISIBLE STANDING in the research profile of the National University with a commitment to disciplinary excellence.
  • Capacity and Capability: Nourish and develop institutional RESEARCH CAPACITY & CAPABILITY in the emerging areas of importance that are impactful and beneficial to the society,
  • Excellence: Establish & expand CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE to engage in cutting edge research that advances science and technology.
  • Innovation: Actively support and PROMOTE INNOVATION and scholarly activities with a proactive engagement of staff and students in the University’s research.

Strategic Pillars of Research

Research Goals