Student Counselling

Counselling offers guidance and support to students at every stage of their University life and helps them to explore, clarify and understand any problems or concerns that are affecting them. Counselling, guidance and support for students helps them in career planning and also guides them as to how they can build a profile of relevant skills and qualities, both academic and non-academic activities. It also helps them in planning for short and long-term goals and for job opportunities.

College of Engineering

Our counsellors offer confidential support, advice and counselling to all students, including specialist assistance where required. The department also deals with crisis situations, should they arise, and with long-term issues, including personal, relationship and financial difficulties.

Counselling aims to help students to take responsibility for their own decisions, to become more aware of their personal resources and to become more able to cope with all aspects of life. The student counsellors will be pleased to discuss any problems you have in conditions of complete confidentiality.

Advice and Guidance: 

Offering practical advice and assistance on any issue from Accommodation, Student Loans and other matters and ensures that no student is at disadvantage due to lack of information.

Students can expect:

  • confidential advice
  • objective and impartial advice or information
  • any information regarding transfer to other Universities
  • Career information
  • Information regarding employment 

College of Medicine and Health Sciences & College of Pharmacy

The guidance and counseling center at these campuses provides confidential, free guidance and counseling services for all students who have enrolled for the Pre Medicine and the Pharmacy course. Walk-in consultations, individual and group counseling services are available.

The mission of the Office of Counseling Services is to assist students in the transitioning from higher secondary school to college towards professional courses which requires greater student commitment in order to ensure success. The guidance and counseling center runs study skill sessions for beginners in the foundation program & caters to their mental, social and personal needs.

The type of services include dealing with: examination anxiety, depression, anger management, time management, stress management, personal growth, memory problems, behavioral problems, social skills, problems with peer relationships & study skills sessions for beginners. Sometimes if required students are referred to psychiatric and medical services, they are referred to the department of behavioral science and psychiatry at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

The office of the counseling services organizes campaigns, workshops and lectures to create awareness about problems in society. It carries out psychometric testing to help students realize their strengths and weaknesses as well as identify problem areas.Referrals by faculty, staff or administration may be made by completing a referral form. The referral form shall be printed and the relevant details filled, signed and submitted to the counselor’s office.

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Contact Details

College of Pharmacy
Location: Room number 113
Visit office of the student counselor
Tel: +968-24235000 Ext 116
Email: [email protected]