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At National University, we recognize the value of a strong relationship with our Alumni and we promote formal and informal interaction with Alumni, host Alumni Gathering from time to time and extend career guidance and lifelong learning support services to Alumni. 

Constituent Colleges under NU (College of Engineering – Al Hail, College of Medicine and Health Sciences – Sohar and College of Pharmacy – Bousher) have established a dedicated Alumni Centre to 

  • Reinforce a mutually-supportive relationship with Alumni
  • Create ‘culture of belonging’ towards the College 
  • Encourage Alumni Networking to strengthen connection with students and staff.  

The Colleges recognize the importance of their Alumni and strive to foster a network among the members with the Colleges as a common link, in order to support each other and also the colleges in their activities. Further, they aim to foster a life-long network amongst Alumni to offer support to each other and encourage participation in the growth of the Colleges through opportunities and programs that benefit and promote pride in, and engagement with, the colleges and their activities.

Alumni Liaison Event will encourage Alumni to identify themselves with the colleges, to generate and sustain interest and participation in college activities, to inspire Alumni to contribute to the development of the college and the promotion of its good name and reputation, locally and internationally and to build and enhance relationships amongst Alumni.

The endeavors of the National University for its alumni are sourced from the concept that the alumni symbolize the union of NU’s memories of the past and its aspirations of the present.  A dedicated Career guidance and Alumni committees at the Colleges are actively keeping in touch with all NU Alumni. (

 The aim of the committee is to:

  1. To establish a supportive relationship with alumni
  2. Promote the “culture of belonging” towards the college among current students and Alumni
  3. Give the opportunity for NU alumni to be involved in various career guidance and community engagement activities to strengthen alumni connection with NU
  4. Give the opportunity for NU alumni to be involved in curriculum development
  5. Celebrate and recognize the achievements of notable alumni among the students and in the NU website
  6. Allow alumni to be part of student recruitment and career advice and guidance.

Career guidance

Career guidance and Alumni committee provides the following services to their Alumni:

  • Career guidance
  • CV writing counseling
  • Guidance related to Postgraduate studies
  • Best Alumni Award

Contact Us

College of Medicine and Health Sciences
Dr. Najam Siddiqi and Ms Ramla Al-Ajmi

College of Pharmacy
Ms Basma Al-Saadi

College of Engineering:
Ms Etab Mubarak Ali Al Hinai