International Students

The National University of Science & Technology (NU) is proud of the international students who call the National University as their home. This diversity is a key part of the success and innovation that is found here. The range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees that are offered at NU allow students from all around the world to receive a truly world-class education. For international students, part of this experience is discovering Oman and enjoying the warm welcome that characterizes the Omani people. 

Across all five campuses of the University, students have the chance to make friendships that will last a lifetime. The clubs, teams and societies are the perfect way to meet new people and develop talents. The dedicated International Students’ Office ensures that everyone feels welcome. The University gives the international students the very best academic preparation to achieve in their chosen discipline and to equip them with the knowledge and skills to make a real difference.

National University recognizes that students who come from different countries have a unique learning experience and talents and they can make a valuable contribution to spice up the university life. Besides that, the National University is committed to the welfare and successful development of its students, particularly the international students. Being away from their hometown, the international students are considered to be a special cohort of students for personal wellbeing and individual follow-up. They figured prominently in the history of its constituent colleges. Many of them ranked top in the examinations and some of them headed the student council and other non-curricular organs/clubs of the institutions. There are  career fairs  in place to ensure adequate exposure to the students for career placements and there are many instances of international students getting placed in the industry in the country.

For academic concerns, students may contact advisors, supervisors or the Heads of Departments. Student support for Personal or emotional support is always available through qualified counselors.

The University has a multicultural environment having currently 4000 students from 33 nationalities and staff from diverse nationalities and which makes the University a vibrant and truly international.

Training Opportunities and International Internships

Hands-on Training and in-house practice are key pathways of effective pedagogy of any discipline. National University has a dedicated team to manage the requirements of its students. The office is responsible for identification of the requirements and appropriate training places, scheduling the training program, and monitoring its effectiveness. 

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Campus Life

At National University, the below mentioned clubs are established and functioning actively in order to bring out the latent potential of students.

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Academic Programs

It offers an attractive portfolio of Undergraduate and Masters Programs in Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy and it’s related disciplines

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Entry Requirements

All applicants must possess a General Education Diploma (12 year school leaving certificate) or equivalent in order to be considered for admission to the University programs. 

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How to Apply

Non-sponsored/private/international applicants seeking direct admission must fill in and return the application form to the Office of Admissions and Registry.

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Career Services

NU aims to help undergraduate students to make a successful transition to PG or Research Courses within the University or any other Universities abroad or into employment or any further training.

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Campus Contacts

College of Engineering

Ms Khalda Humaid Al Hassani,
International Admissions Coordinator
Room No: R301, Caledonian Campus, Al Hail
Tel: +968 24536165 Ext:388

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Office of the International Students
Sohar Campus
Tel: +968 22314700

College of Pharmacy

Office of the International Students
Bousher Campus
Tel: +968 24235000