Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research

Prof. Dr. K. P. Ramachandran

Acting dean
Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research

Welcome to the National University of Science & Technology. We at NU envision long-term and short-term plans for Graduate programs and Research. Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research was established to promote a culture of scientific research and encourage post-graduate students’ academic experience. As a premier private higher education institution in the region, we recognize the importance of Research and Innovation for imparting high-quality education and finding solutions to scientific and technological challenges. We have a proven track record of success and strength in numerous research areas with a wealth of resources and experience, mainly in engineering, medicine, and pharmacy. In addition, our faculty and researchers are working with industry, government agencies, community, and international research institutions to address major societal challenges and industrial problems.

The main objective of the Deanship is to coordinate, administer, and monitor all research and scholarly activities and to promote graduate studies at NU. The Deanship is also responsible for advising University Executives on strategic plans for graduate studies, research and innovation initiatives. The Deanship works closely with the Deans, Program Managers, Faculty, Students, and Researchers to facilitate the overall research progress of the University, research engagement, and research professional development initiatives for staff and students. The Deanship contributes to raising the position of the University by developing quality procedures and policies and evaluating the performance of Graduate Programs and Research. Further, the Deanship of Graduate Studies & Research at NU provides administrative support in creating a conducive academic environment for graduate students. The Deanship is also following up and support to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of research and scholarly activities. We welcome you to be part of world-class training and research hub.