Student Support

Foundation students are continuously encouraged to actively participate in their own learning development and to support them in overcoming difficulties faced in the learning process. They will have a dedicated member of staff who, as their adviser, will work with them to identify and build on their strengths and suggest strategies for overcoming their weaknesses.

The School of Foundation Studies has a qualified member of staff who is responsible for the students’ personal and academic well-being. Each class has an elected representative who should represent the class at meetings with the head of the School. These meetings will take place twice a semester.

Blackboard Learning

Blackboard is a computerized learning platform which allows you to gain access to course materials, submit assignments and discuss problems with your colleagues and your teacher on line. You will be given a password to access blackboard during your first week at the college and one component of the course trains you to use it effectively. We feel that this is key tool in helping you become more independent.

Student Tutorial Hours

At SoFS, Teachers have two hours of tutorials in their work hours and you are free to see any of your teachers during that time. However, it is probably a good idea to make an appointment before you arrive. 



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