Facilities at SoFS

Facilities at SoFS, NU

The School of Foundation Studies of National University of Science & Technology, has 24 well equipped classrooms which include:
  • projectors, Smart Boards
  • Speakers
  • Wireless Internet Access

It also has two dedicated Computer Labs with 56 computers, two dedicated Language Labs with 50 computers, two Science labs and access to the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) which has various resources to use during self-study periods.

Library Facilities

SoFS has a well-stocked central library facility which offers printed as well as electronic books and journals. These include theoretical and practical textbooks related to English language learning; mathematical and scientific knowledge and computer skills. The atmosphere of the library lends itself to serious study with dedicated areas for individual or group study.

The library is a principal source of information which foundation students are encouraged to use as an authentic research tool. You will be given two sessions in semester 1 and one session in semester 2 on how to make use of most of the library resources.

Please contact us at the following address in order to meet and discuss on various foundation courses suitable to your needs before embarking into other professional programs in NU.

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