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Title Identification of metabolic pathways involved in the biotransformation of eslicarbazepine acetate using UPLC-MS/MS, human microsomal enzymes and in silico studies'
Author Husain A., Iram F., Siddiqui A.A., Almutairi S.M., Mohammed O.B., Khan S.A., Azmi S.N.H., Rahman N.
Year: 2021 Volume: 33 Issue: 2
Page Start: Page End: Campus: CoP

Title Corrigendum to “Processing, properties, and microstructure of recycled aluminum alloy composites produced through an optimized Stir and squeeze casting processe” [J. Manuf. Process. 59 (2020) 287–301] (Journal of Manufacturing Processes (2020) 59 (287–301), (S1526612520306563), (10.1016/j.jmapro.2020.09.067))'
Author Christy J.V., Arunachalam R., Mourad A.-H.I., Krishnan P.K., Piya S., Al-Maharbi M.
Year: 2021 Volume: 62 Issue:
Page Start: 247 Page End: Campus: CoE

Title Critical effect of Pol escape mutations associated with detrimental allele HLA-C*15: 05 on clinical outcome in HIV-1 subtype A/E infection'
Author Murakoshi H., Chikata T., Akahoshi T., Zou C., Borghan M.A., Van Tran G., Nguyen T.V., Van Nguyen K., Kuse N., Takiguchi M.
Year: 2021 Volume: 35 Issue: 1
Page Start: 33 Page End: 43 Campus: CoMHS

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