Research Strategy

National University of Science & Technology (NU) earnestly recognizes the importance of research as being one of the key elements for creating new knowledge and insight, and imparting excitement and dynamism to the educational process. Also the University strongly believes that new products, new industries, and more jobs require continuous additions to knowledge of the laws of nature, and the application of that knowledge to practical purposes. This essential, new knowledge can be obtained only through basic scientific research.

College of Engineering (CE) of NU has been very successful in promoting applied research in the key areas of research in waste management and alternate energy. CE had a success of research in the area of Wastewater treatment, desalination, nanotechnology and waste management. CE is committed to innovative, technology driven research and research training to underpin the most effective teaching and learning strategies for the delivery of engineering and educational programmes. CE is fully aware of the need and requirement of extending the research activities in order to enhance academic development and health of the programmes.

CE encourages the research and scholarly activities of the staff members and supports such activities financially, where appropriate. CE is trying to fulfil a significant educative function that includes planning and organizing a variety of research development initiatives to enhance the research endeavors of academic staff in consultation with departments. Emphasis is given to link College based researchers with industry partners to undertake innovative, industry-driven funded research. Research strategies of the CE reinforce the provision of overall responsibility for policy and strategy development and advice, management and administration, as well as monitoring and reporting of research activities within the College.

The research mission of College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CM) under NU is to set up the research infrastructure and promote scholarly activities in the college. CM is dedicated to produce high quality doctors and health professionals with an obligation to keep themselves updated as well as contribute towards mankind. Research team at CM will collaborate with the scientists in other universities and hospitals to carry out research projects which are relevant to the country.CM strongly believes that a good researcher will always be able to educate others better as the critical thinking improves with the research base. Taking these points into consideration, the research committee will apply for funding to the organizations which support such activities. This will help to provide base for the present as well as the coming generation to start research in the areas which are not yet developed in Oman.

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