About Professional Training

About Professional Training Services Unit (PTSU)

The Professional Training Services Unit (PTSU) at the National University of Science and Technology has a very long experience in the field of training and offers world class training courses in Oman for the industry, the government and academia.

The PTSU provides training courses in a wide range of fields, such as Technical Engineering, Information Technology, English, Medical and Health sector, and learning and development.

The PTSU offers both short and long training courses for employees as well as job seekers and providing them with the required skills and competences to enhance their opportunities in the market and industry. Also, we design and tailor specialized training courses according to our customers’ requirements.

Our training courses can be delivered throughout Oman in English and Arabic, and face-to-face and Online.


Our goal is to Provide Professional Training Services to the clients based on their training needs to gain the competencies for achieving organisation goals and objectives.

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