Instructional and Learning Support Services

The priority of ITS is to “better serve students.” In an effort to provide diverse set of technologies into teaching and learning methodology, and to provide varied instructional experience to the students and faculties, ITS provide several integrated technologies and services. The following are the highlights of some of such services.

  • Provision of Centralised Online Learning Management Systems (Blackboard and Soul)
  • Provision of Plagiarism Detection for Student and Faculty
  • Provision of Teacher-Student Online Collaborative and Communication Tools
  • Assistance with the Development of Course Materials
  • Provision of Computerised Academic Advisory Information Management System
  • Lecture Video Recording and Lecture Video Database and Publishing
  • Provision of Classroom Technologies
  • Attendance Management & Monitoring System
  • Systems for Personalised Online Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • Assistance to Digital Libraries and Online Journals
  • Assistance to e-learning Week
  • Online Module Registration, Personalised Results Publishing, Personalised Timetabling
  • Data Driven Automated Student Alert System
  • Coordination of Faculty Professional Development Workshops
  • Delivery of Technology Workshops
  • Assistance with Faculty Research Projects
  • Coordination and Assistance with Documentation Related to Accreditation and Licensure

In addition to the above list there are several other systems and services provided to enhance overall student experiences.

Services to library:

NU Library and Information Centre supports the students and staff by providing information to their academic activities. NU ITS powers and supports the Library in numerous ways, and some of such support services are as follows.

  • Library Management System integrated with Student Information System
  • Online Library Catalogue
  • Semester Book Loan Management System
  • Access to Online Journals
  • Access to Online e-books
  • Provision and maintenance of 100s computers and IT infrastructure to students’ open access to electronic libraries and information.

Communication Services

NU ITS centrally provides Communications Services to students, faculty and administrative units for internal and external communications, and some of such services include:

  • Personalized data-driven dynamic Student/Staff/Parents/Sponsor web portal services
  • Google Apps with lifelong Email, Calendar, Google Classroom, Contacts, Cloud Storage Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Talk/Hangouts and Vault
  • Videoconferencing service
  • PUSH/PULL SMS service allows students and staff to interact with NU information system over SMS communication
  • ERP System Driven Automated personalised SMS and Email Alert System
  • Bulk SMS broadcast system
  • Social Media & WhatsApp Broadcast
  • Announcements over E-Noticeboards/Displays, Student/Staff Portal/ LMS etc.

Infrastructure Services


  • Server Deployment and Management
  • Provision of Online Hosting Services
  • Management of Data Store and Retrieval
  • Data Centre Security
  • Central Backup and Recovery
  • Systems Updates and Patching


  • Persistent Connectivity Between Campuses
  • High Speed Fibre Backbone
  • Campus-wide Wireless Network
  • Core Network Switching
  • Structured Cabling
  • Network Security Management


  • Computer System Provision and Maintenance to Labs & Facilities, Students and Staff
  • Identity Management
  • Communication Systems Management
  • Digitisation and Archival
  • Enterprise Data Storage
  • Data Backup and Recovery


  • NU software license access management
  • Provision of Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPS)
  • Application Development and Integration
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tools
  • Enterprise Database Support


  • Website design, development, publishing and hosting (In-house)
  • Multimedia Design
  • Brochures, Posters and Flier Design
  • Video and Photography Services
  • Photo Sharing Storage etc
  • Social Media

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