Student Counseling

Frequent Asked Questions:

What topics can be discussed with the counselor?
You can discuss any personal or social concerns. Examples of topics are: stress due to exams and homework, overcoming procrastination and time management, adjusting to college life for new students, family problems, improving social skills such as public speaking and leadership, balancing between marriage life and studies.

If I receive counseling at the Counseling Office, can anyone find out about it?
What you share with your counselor is confidential and no one from outside the Counseling Office will know about it, unless you request to share information with others after you give us written authorization.

Can counseling help me improve my academic performance?
Yes. Throughout counseling, you will learn new ways to address your issues and to explore personal goals. This will help you improve your motivation for studying and enhancing your academic skills.

Will one counseling session be enough to help me achieve my goals?
Some students may benefit from one or two sessions of problem-solving, while some concerns may need more sessions.

Does the Counseling Office provide academic counseling?
The Office provides personal counseling mainly. However, your counselor can help you explore your personal goals and interests. This self-knowledge should help you decide which major to study. Your counselor can also help you locate academic counselors and can liaise with your academic advisor on academic matters.

When is the Counseling Office open?
Our regular hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Sunday through Thursday.

How can I make an appointment with a counselor?
By filling out an appointment form with the student counselor.

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