Student Counseling

The guidance and counseling center at NU provides confidential, free guidance and counseling services for all students who have enrolled in the college of pharmacy. Walk-in consultations, individual and group counseling services are available.

The mission of the Office of Counseling Services is to assist students in the transitioning from higher secondary school to college towards professional courses which requires greater student commitment in order to ensure success. The guidance and counseling center runs study skill sessions for beginners in the foundation program & caters to their mental, social and personal needs.

The type of services include dealing with: examination anxiety, depression, anger management, time management, stress management, personal growth, memory problems, behavioral problems, social skills, problems with peer relationships & study skills sessions for beginners.

The office of the counseling services organizes campaigns, workshops and lectures to create awareness about problems in society. It carries out psychometric testing to help students realize their strengths and weaknesses as well as identify problem areas. Referrals by faculty, staff or administration may be made by completing a referral form .The referral form shall be printed and the relevant details filled, signed and submitted to the counselor’s office.

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Academic Accommodations for students with disabilities

The student counselor provides special accommodations to students with disabilities. The goal is to give the student with a disability equal access to the learning environment.

A student with a disability must register with the office of the student counselor who  provides  support  services  for  students  with  disabilities,  in  order  to  receive accommodations.  It  is  the  student's  responsibility  to  request  services  in  a  timely manner   by   submitting   medical   reports   and   related   documents.   The   course instructors typically receive a letter/ mail from this office detailing recommended accommodations  for  a  student.  The  student  with  a  disability  is  responsible  for meeting  all  course  requirements  using  only  approved  accommodations.  After consultation  with  the  student,  a  review  of  the  student's  documentation,  and  any necessary   consultation   with   outside   specialists,   the   student   counselor   will determine  what  accommodations  may  be  appropriate  and  necessary  and  will communicate in writing to the instructor of the course involved regarding specific recommended accommodations. 

The   following   are   examples   of   classroom,   assignment,   and   examination accommodations that may be recommended for a student with disability.

Disabilities  Accommodations available
Deaf/ Hard of Hearing                               
  • Assistive technology/ permissions for wearing hearing aids in the exam venue.
  • Modification in assessment requirement
  • Physical arrangements
  • To take exams in a room with reduced distractions.
  • Permission for using Personal audio amplification devices

Visually challenged, Difficulties with direct lighting and glare & other visual related disabilities

  • Audio recording of lectures
  • Visual enhancement
  • Preferential seating
  • Provision for bigger fonts/.large print in exams
  • Specialized lighting or light filters for students who experience unusual eyestrain or fatigue. The student may need a natural light source or alternative lighting.
Orthopedic impairment                              
  • Ramps on the campus
  • Provision for charging the wheel chairs
  • Extra time on exams for physically handicapped
Writing disabilities                                      
  • Permission for a scribe

Complications arising due to health problems such as diabetes, Asthma, hypertension, epilepsy  etc. during examinations

  • Additional time for submissions
  • Remake exams
  • Provision for taking the test/examination in the clinic


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