Awards and Recognition

Academic Achievement during the Study Program: Dean’s list: This long-standing tradition recognizes academic excellence, honoring students for outstanding achievement at the end of each semester. The award consists of a certificate presented to those students who earn a CGPA of 3 and above with a minimum of 12 credits in a course. This is given at the end of regular semesters - fall and spring.

Honors Awards on Graduation: A student shall be classified based on the graduation grade point average earned on all courses within the degree plan according to the following scheme for their final cumulative score on graduation. The award consisting of a memento and a gift is presented during the ceremony.

  • Grade Point Average: 3.70 - 4.00 (high honors)
  • Grade Point Average: 3.50 - 3.69 (honors)

Academic excellence Award: This award is sponsored by the management for the student who scores the highest cumulative grade point average amongst the graduating students of that batch. It includes a certificate and cash prize awarded in the graduation ceremony.

Extracurricular Activity Award: Extracurricular activity Award is sponsored by the management, which is given to the member of the student council who has participated/ organized/ represented OMC in extracurricular programs both within the college and other institutions. It includes a plaque and a cash prize. It is given during the graduation ceremony.

Scholarship for International Training: This Scholarship award is sponsored by the management, which is given to the overall best student, the award consists of a certificate and a cash prize for the student who is deputed to undertake training at the West Virginia University.

Funding Student Exchange Programs: The best students are shortlisted for exchange programs and elective programs in other countries.

Recognition of Student Council services: All the members of the student council are felicitated in the white coat ceremony with mementos and certificates for their valuable contributions to the student activities.

Recognition of Alumni: The college hosts the annual alumni meet and dinner. Alumni are also invited to some of the college events and their services are recognized on the occasion of the white coat ceremony.

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