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    “Studying at CCE was well-founded and a peak moment in my life, I met new friends of different nationalities, from different races, and of different mindsets. Some friendships have been long-lasting and others lasted for a certain period, but all of them have been important. College is a big transition; it does get stressful; I did have nights where I was up until the morning, but I’ve learned as I’ve grown up that that pressure taught me patience, and optimism that there will always be light at the end of the tunnel”

    Issam Al Naimi
    Control & Automation Engineer
    Petroleum Development Oman
    “The studying experience I had in Caledonian College of Engineering was valuable and memorable. The skills I gained through my studies played a significant role in my career and convinced me to pursue higher studies in Process Engineering. Being part of the ladies’ sports team at Caledonian made my experience more interesting. I will always be part of the university community as they are passionate about delivering the best experiences to students”

    Wafaa Saif Al Sumri
    Process Concept Engineer
    Petroleum Development Oman

“Being a part of such a prestigious university college was a major milestone in my life. The learning experiences that Caledonian College of Engineering provided were exceptional, as the practical and theoretical modules helped me to develop the understanding and foundations of my working career, and also supported me in my Master’s studies in the United Kingdom”

Haitham Al Harthy
Operation Support Engineer

    "Being part of Caledonian College of Engineering for the past four years was an experience that has left an indelible mark on my life; being continually challenged to learn beyond the four walls of a classroom proved to be the right impetus to pursue a higher education that was not confined to the words etched in the textbooks. Whilst I take pride in my achievements, I am grateful for all the support, encouragement and guidance received and am honored to have been a representative of this institution"

    Siam Hossain Chowdhury
    Chemical Engineering Graduate

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