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The endeavors of National University of Science & Technology (NU) for its alumni are sourced from the concept that the alumni symbolize the union of NU’s memories of the past and its aspirations of the present.  A dedicated career guidance and alumni committee at the College of Pharmacy is actively keeping in touch with Oman Medical College’s Alumni (as well as future NU Alumni) to remain a part of our everyday community.  The aim of the committee is to:

  1. To establish supportive relationship with alumni
  2. Promote for the “culture of belonging” towards the college among current students and Alumni
  3. Give the opportunity for NU alumni to be involved in various career guidance and community engagement activities to  strengthen alumni connection with NU
  4. Give the opportunity for NU alumni to be involved in curriculum development
  5.  Celebrate and recognize the achievements of notable alumni among the students and in NU website
  6. Allow alumni to be part of  student recruitment and career advice and guidance

Career guidance and Alumni committee provides  the following services to their Alumni:

  1. Career guidance
  2. CV writing counseling
  3. Guidance related to Postgraduate studies
  4. Best Alumni Award
  5. Alumni feedback on Pharmacy curriculum

Alumni Destinations

After fulfilling the pharmacy licensing requirements, there are various opportunities in both government and private sectors to adsorb our pharmacy graduates into the Omani market as illustrated in the graph below. This is including all government hospital (hospital and clinical pharmacists), government and private polyclinics (pharmacists), community pharmacies and medical representatives. In some cases our alumni have decided to continue their postgraduate studies to progress further in their career development plans.

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Ms Basma Al-Saadi
College of Pharmacy
Bousher Campus

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