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Training Opportunities and International Internships:

Hands-on Training and in-house practice are key pathways of effective pedagogy of any discipline. National University has a dedicated team to manage the requirements of its students. The office is responsible for identification of the requirements and appropriate training places, scheduling the training program, and monitoring its effectiveness. (for further details see student support services.)

Student Life:

Students enjoy an active campus life with more than 25 student clubs and societies with many activities such as photography and drama. For more information, refer to the student life chapter in the main prospectus. International students are an active part of all clubs and there are weekend events for international students such as Exploring Historical Sites in Oman

International Student Support:

A dedicated International Office works to support international students from admission to graduation. Students can visit them in office or call a 24 hour hotline in emergency cases. They can also be contacted via WeChat and WhatsApp so students and families can be assured that support is always available

For academic concerns, students may contact advisors, supervisors or the Heads of Department. Student support for Personal or emotional support is always available through qualified counselors

International Student Services:

In addition to general Student Support Services (see Studying & Student Life at National University in the main prospectus), a range of other services are available specifically for international students. These include:

  1. Online registration
  2. Visa by email
  3. Airport pick-up and city tours
  4. Well-equipped residential hostels
  5. Transportation options for those staying in college hostels
  6. Health insurance

Successful International Students:

National University is committed to the welfare and successful development of its students, particularly the international students. Being away from their hometown, the international students are considered to be a special cohort of students for personal wellbeing and individual follow-up. They figured prominent in the history of its constituent colleges. Many of them ranked top in the examinations and some of them headed the student council and other non-curricular organs/clubs of the institutions. The career fairs are in place to ensure adequate exposure to the students for career placements and there are many instances of international students getting placed in the industry in the country

International Entry Requirements:

Accepted International Certificates Programs: 74 Certificates issued by international bodies and organizations, including but not limited to;

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate or Diploma by IB organization,
  • A or AL2 Certificate by Edexcel or Cambridge,
  • Advanced Placement Certificate by SABIS,
  • SAT by College Board.

All certificates have to be evaluated by the Ministry of Education of the Sultanate of Oman for equivalence

The calculation of the Admission Score for holders of international certificates will be based on the Conversion Table provided in HEAC guide (https://goo.gl/kbbN26)

Minimum language requirements for direct entry to UG programs

Program IELTS Academic TOEFL
Engineering Band 5 43-45 500
Medicine and Health Sciences Band 6 79-80 550
Pharmacy Band 5 79-80 550

Contact Us

College of Engineering

Please contact
Ms Khalda Humaid Al Hassani,
International Admissions Coordinator
Room No: R301, Caledonian Campus, Al Hail
Tel: +968 24536165 Ext:388

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Please contact:
Office of the International Students
Sohar Campus
Tel: +968 22314700

College of Pharmacy

Please contact:
Office of the International Students
Bousher Campus
Tel: +968 24235000

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