International Students


The National University of Science & Technology, Oman, is proud of the international community (staff and students) who call National University as their home. This diversity is a key part of the success and innovation that is found here. Oman is a beautiful country and National University plays an important role in the Sultanate’s vision for higher education

The range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees that are offered here allow students from all around the world to receive a truly world-class education. For international students, part of this experience is discovering Oman and enjoying the warm welcome that characterizes the Omani people

Across all four campuses of National University, students have the chance to make friendships that will last a lifetime. The clubs, teams and societies are the perfect way to meet new people and develop talents. The dedicated International Students’ Office ensures that everyone feels welcome.

National University recognizes that students who come from different countries have a unique learning experience and talents and they can make a valuable contribution to spice up the university life.

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