Entry Requirements

How to Apply and the Admissions Process

Minimum Requirements for Admission into Undergraduate programs

All applicants must possess a General Education Diploma (12 year school leaving certificate) or equivalent in order to be considered for admission to the University programs. One of the following academic qualifications are accepted for admission:

  • General Education Diploma (GED)
  • All foreign certificates and international certificates complemented with a letter of equivalence from the Ministry of Education
  • Any other 12-year-school leaving certificates, complemented with a letter of equivalence from the Ministry of Education
Admission criteria for entry into the University programs
Names of Programs Minimum Criteria (entry score)
Doctor of Medicine General Education Diploma or equivalent with not less than (80%) Grade B or equivalent in Chemistry and Biology individually
Bachelor Program in Pharmacy General Education Diploma or equivalent with not less than (65%) Grade C or equivalent in Chemistry and Biology individually
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences General Education Diploma or equivalent with not less than (65%) Grade C or equivalent in Chemistry and Biology individually.
Bachelor Programs in Engineering
  • General Education Diploma or equivalent with grade not less than (65%) Grade C or equivalent in the following subjects put together
  • Pure/Applied Mathematics
  • Physics/Chemistry or Industrial/Technical subjects; depending on the area of engineering chosen (Prior study of Chemistry is mandatory for those joining Chemical Engineering).

(Selection Interview is conducted for applicants to the Medical Program only)

Applicants may apply for direct entry to Year 1 of an NU program by undergoing the National University Placement Test. The NUPT includes all components of GFP, i.e. English, Mathematics and Information Technology.

Direct Entry to the Programs

Applicants holding a valid internationally recognized academic English certificate, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS, will be exempted from English courses of the General Foundation Program. Submission of such certificate has to be during the application time and before the start of the semester. The minimum English requirements for each program are as follows:

Minimum English score requirement for direct entry
to Engineering/MD/Pharmacy
Names of Programs IELTS Academic TOEFL
Engineering Band 5 43-45
Medicine and Health Sciences Band 6 78-80
Medical Laboratory Science Band 6 78-80
Pharmacy Band 6 78-80

Applicants who are exempted from the English course may be placed in Year 1 of the program by passing the placement tests in Basic and Pure Mathematics and Information Technology I and II.

Direct Entry to the Program with Transfer Credit (TC)

Students from other institutions, who wish to continue their education at NU, may apply formally by submitting to the Directorate of Admissions and Registration a copy of their transcript along with the course descriptions. The grade obtained in the course where transfer credit is sought should be a minimum of “B”, for College of Medicine & Health Sciences and a minimum of “C” for College of Pharmacy and College of Engineering and should have been obtained from a recognized institution and at a college or degree level. NU reserves the right to accept or reject applications for transfer of credits based on course mapping by the subject expert. If the courses satisfy the NU requirements, transfer of credit will be given and a “TC” will appear on the transcript; if the courses do not meet the criteria for transfer credit, students will be advised to register for the course.

Admission of Diploma holders in Pharmacy

Students who have completed a diploma program will be allowed to enter the Pharmacy program and are exempted from the foundation year. Potential students will submit their transcript of the diploma program for review. It will be mapped with the courses and any courses in which the applicant will receive transfer credits will be indicated. To receive credit in the courses the student must have received a pass grade.

Admission is open to all regardless of gender, race and nationality. However the intake of the Omani Nationals as sponsored candidates by MOHE will be regulated by the Higher education Admissions Centre (HEAC) and admission of international students will be subject to MOHE regulations.

Please contact respective campuses if you need more information or email your interest/requirements to admission@nu.edu.om. Admission details for the International Students can be obtained by emailing to our International Admissions Office at istudents@nu.edu.om

Admission Contacts

Number of Staff Land Line
Ms. Wafaa Tariq 24250418
Ms.Karima Khalfan Al Haddabi 24250420
Ms.Yusra Khalfan Humaid Al Wahaibi  24250422
Ms.Deena AL-Miqbali 24250417
Ms.Tahra Mahmood Hamdoon Al Malki  24250416

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