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About the Program

BEng Chemical Engineering

Most students will begin their journey at National University on the Foundation Program. The dedicated faculty team at our purpose-built Airport Heights Campus welcomes students and gives them the best possible preparation for their degree programs. On entering Foundation, students take a placement test to ensure that they start their studies at the appropriate level. Students passing Foundation Level 2 will have a minimum English language level equivalent to IELTS Band 5.

Available modes of study: full time, part time, and special part time.

Level Students Semester Starts Duration
Foundation 1 All Foundation students September and 18 weeks
Foundation 2 February 18 weeks
Foundation 3 Medicine and Pharmacy students only June 8 weeks

Why study this program?

The Foundation Program gives students the best possible start to their academic career in higher education and introduces them to university life. This includes a range of theoretical and practical aspects across the components and a range of extra-curricular activities including sports and clubs.

What will you study?

The comprehensive Foundation Program covers three key areas: Computing Skills, Mathematics, and English Language and Study Skills. All components are assessed through coursework and exams. Details of each component are as follows:

Component Hours per week Syllabus
English & Study skills 16 Reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and study skills (including cooperative learning, time-management, and self-study strategies)
Mathematics 7 Algebraic and fractional expressions, linear equations, geometry, polynomials, trigonometry, functions and graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, statistics and probability.
Computing 3 Computer fundamentals, file management, internet and email, Word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets.
Biology  (for Medical students only) Foundation 3 only Anatomy and physiology, blood and body defenses, systems; skeletal, muscular, nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, and reproductive.

Fee Structure

School of Foundation 2019/20
Program Duration of program Fee per credit hour (OMR) Approx. credits per semester
Total Years Total Semesters Local Students Inter. Students
Foundation for Engineering 1 2 140 160 15
Foundation for IT 1 2 140 165 12.5
Foundation for Medicine & Health Sciences and Foundation for Pharmacy 1 2 140 165 15 +
(5 summer)

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