Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Planning)


A Nizamuddin Ahmed

Assistant Vice - Chancellor

It’s a proud and historical moment when the National University of Science & Technology (NU) is dedicated to the Nation. A new star is born in the galaxy of higher education. The pedigree of the National University is legendary and is destined to become an icon of Higher Education, Learning and Research in Oman, driven by its Social Values.

Responding to the call of His Majesty in 1996, three prolific businessmen, philanthropist, and educationist led by Sheikh Salem Said Al Fannah Al Araimi, Dr. P. Mohamed Ali and Late Mohamed Rashid Al Fannah Araimi established colleges in Engineering & Health domains. The founders’ contributions to the field of higher education in Oman has been legendary, and a standard bearer for generations and are deeply committed to the educational development and capacity building for Oman.

Today, Oman stands as a proud Nation where 8000 of Engineers, Doctors, and Pharmacist from constituent colleges of NU are serving the Country.

With 4000 students currently enrolled from 33 nationalities and staff from diverse nationalities, makes NU vibrant and truly international.

As a member of NU Executive and a founding member of staff, I reiterate my pledge to uphold the Quality and Standards, to make NU one of the best places in Oman to work, learn and grow.

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