Chairman University Executive Board


Dr. P Mohamed Ali

University Executive Board

The establishment of the National University of Science and Technology (NU) has been an exciting journey of hard work and passion coming together. In response to His Majesty’s call for private initiatives in higher education in the Sultanate of Oman, we established the 1st private Engineering College in 1996, 1st private Medical College in 2001 and 1st private Pharmacy College in 2003. By the Grace of Allah, the exemplary dedication of our faculty and staff across the campuses, constant support of the government and growing regional visibility, the reach of these institutions grew and had contributed significantly to the development of the country. With the strength of more than 8000 graduates across the disciplines of Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy within a short span of time, the decision to evolve into a University was a compelling one.

National University of Science and Technology is unique in its form and content, being a multi-campus and multi-faculty initiative. Going forward, there are great expectations and challenging responsibilities ahead for creating a more vibrant academic environment across the campuses. The University’s vision is to become a renowned institute for excellence in education & research driven by social values. Our international academic partners viz. Glasgow Caledonian University (UK); University of South Carolina (USA) and West Virginia University (USA), together with our eminent Board of Trustees are committed towards making NU a distinguished place for learning, which offers innovative academic programs at par with contemporary global trends.

In our constant pursuit for high-quality education, NU aims to set new standards as an emerging leader for higher education and research in the region. Students at NU can look forward to stimulating, productive, and rewarding learning experiences that will equip them for lifelong learning and responsibility as global citizens. We wish our students a fulfilling journey ahead in their academic endeavor.

I am extremely happy to see NU embark on a greater journey ahead in the service of the people of this beloved country, and pave the way forward for pioneering research and education for the greater good of humanity.

May the Almighty bless us all

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