Dept. of Biochemistry

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the department of Biochemistry and its activities within the umbrella of College of Medicine and Health Sciences at the National University of Science and Technology. The department has been created in the year 2015 and since then it has been operating as a separate unit with the Pre-medicine program and the Human function department. The department responsibilities are so versatile starting from conducting courses for the MD1, MD2 and MD3. Moreover, the department is involved in active lab-based research with almost all members involved. Members of the department are highly qualified and are committed to fulfill COMHS, NU mission in producing quality doctors that are capable of participating in the country’s health care system with efficiency and dedication.

The department is coordinating the following courses:  
MPRM0101 Cell Biology
MPRM0103 Chemistry for Medicine
MPRM0106 Bioorganic Chemistry
MPRM0107 Molecular Biology
MPRC0205 Biochemistry and Genetics
Supervisory role over the following courses:  
UEL00101 English language skills/University English1
UEL00102 Academic English/ University English2
UPD00101 Innovation and entrepreneurship development
MPRM0104 Special Topics in English for Medicine
UHS00101 Oman history and Islamic culture
UEL00103 Technical Writing/ University English3
UPD00102 Entrepreneurship workshop and seminar
Active participation in the following courses:  
MPRC0413 Research Methodology and Project
MPRC0416 Forensic medicine


 The department has a dedicated team of laboratory instructors that are fully qualified to run the practical classes and manage their assessments and safety issues implicated with student practical sessions.

The department is in-charge of the Central College Research Facility which is adequately equipped research facility with active ongoing research. Faculty at the department are actively involved in research activities with internal and TRC research funds. Research activity at the department has culminated into several publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences

We are proud of what we are doing and what we have achieved.

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