Student Counseling

National University – College of Medicine and Health Sciences Student Counseling Center offers psychological counseling. It provides a safe and friendly place for students to share their personal and emotional challenges. All students’ issues and concerns are treated confidentially. The purpose of the Student Counseling Center is to:

  1. To provide confidential professional psychological counseling services.
  2. To support students to resolve personal difficulties and acquire skills to maintain & enhance emotional wellbeing.
  3. To enable students address issues that impact personal, academic or life goals.
  4. To help students gain insight into ways of thinking, feeling, reacting, behaving and thereby begin a constructive process of change and growth.

Services Offered

  • Personal counseling: Issues addressed in personal counseling may include, but need not be restricted to, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, stress management, self- confidence, grief or bereavement, habit control, time management, study skills and making lifestyle changes.
  • Psychological assessment: Psychometric services will involve the utilization of standardized psychological tools to assess intelligence, memory, personality, interest and aptitude.
  • Psychotherapy: Cognitive Behavior Therapy will be the primary therapeutic model employed. Muscular relaxation, Systematic desensitization and Art therapy will also be used when required.
  • Training and Coaching: Need based training, coaching sessions and workshops will be offered to individuals and groups. Psychoeducation, life skills, soft skills and enhancing personal awareness will be the focus of the programs offered.  

The Student Counseling Center is open Sunday through Thursday, on working days, from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Appointments are recommended for all counseling sessions to be sure the counselor is available. In case on an emergency, the coordinator may be contacted even without prior appointment. Students may also make appointments to see the counselor by going directly to the Counseling Center and suitable appointment will be scheduled by the Coordinator.

The student Counseling Center is located in room number 210, opposite lecture hall 2 on first floor 

For appointment contact
Ms. Enas Al jarwani, the Coordinator

  • office number 312
  • Telephone no 26852109

Ms. Mazoon Al Attar

  • office number 210
  • Telephone no 26852110

Or Email: counseling-com@nu.edu.om

Located in
Room No. 210,
Opposite Lecture Hall 2,
First Floor

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