Dept. of Pathology

An understanding of anatomical pathology and the role of laboratory medicine is the foundation of modern practice of medicine. The Department of Pathology was formed in the year 2006 under the initiative of faculty from WVU. Initially the course was delivered in two blocks of general and systemic pathology. In the year 2010 started a parallel system where topics in courses like Microbiology and Pharmacology were aligned.

The Dept. of Pathology undertakes teaching of  MD 4 medical students to acquire the following basic competencies in the course “Mechanisms of Disease”:

  • An understanding of disease mechanisms  
  • Integration of mechanisms of disease into organ system pathology  
  • Application of anatomical pathology and pathobiology to diagnostic medicine

This is a bridging discipline between the Preclinical and clinical courses. The course is run by medical faculty with specialization in Pathology. The learning objectives of the competencies are designed to help the students acquire and integrate the knowledge of mechanisms of disease and apply the same in the clinical diagnosis and care of patients in the hospital setting.
The objectives of the programme are:

  • To make students understand the basic mechanisms by which diseases are caused.
  • To understand the characteristics of the principal types of disease processes.
  • To understand the specific response of specialized organs and tissues to defined stimuli.
  • To understand the cause, pathogenesis, morphological features, complications and outcomes of common diseases affecting each system of the body.
  • To understand the principles of commonly used laboratory tests and the applications of these tests in clinical practice.

In addition to conventional lecture based teaching, lab sessions are also integral part of the teaching methodology. Microscopic sections of common diseases and the gross specimens help the students to correlate what is taught in the theory classes.

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