Dept. of Internal Medicine

Welcome to the Department of Internal Medicine at National University of Science & Technology College of Medicine & Health Sciences, Suhar, Sutanate of Oman. The Department is committed to excellence in education, clinical service, and research. Our faculty members have major clinical and teaching roles in serving as clinicians and educators.

Education: The Department leads the medical college in several educational efforts including running and coordinating the basic PDCI 1 and PDCI 2 courses apart from Medicine clerkship and Medicine sub internship program. Our faculty members are involved extensively in the teaching of medical students and are widely recognized and lauded for their efforts. Our diverse and interesting patient population provides great scope for clinical training in both primary care and subspecialty medicine. Our major teaching site is Sohar hospital located close to the college.
Research: The Department is in the process of initiating nationally and internationally recognized research programs primarily in life style diseases in Oman e.g. diabetes, obesity, hypertension, aging, heart disease and health services.

The Department’s Mission: Strong commitment to excellence in education and training, comprehensive, compassionate and highly competent patient care, and cutting-edge research relevant to the local and regional health issues.

I hope you will want to visit us and learn more about our Department.

Best regards.
Dr Mukesh K Bhandari,
B.Sc., MD (Internal Medicine), FICP
Head of the Department




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