Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Course Objectives and organization:

Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology offers two main courses; Human Structure which is 18 credit courses and Neurobiology which is 8 hour course to MD students. It also offers two courses on general anatomy and histology and embryology to the Foundation program. Human Structure is an integrated intensive course consisting of gross anatomy, embryology and histology designed for undergraduate medical students who already have an introductory course of general anatomy, general embryology and general histology taught in the foundation program.

Programs and Courses offered:

The Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology offers the following courses:

  1. Human Structure (NBAN 403)
  2. Neurobiology (CCMD 475)
  3. Introduction to Human Anatomy (BIOL 207)
  4. Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL 341)

About the Facility

The department of anatomy has “state of the art” gross anatomy laboratory which was built and equipped by a German company and caters for over 80 students at a time. The laboratory has purpose-built stainless steel tables for placing the cadavers during teaching sessions. These tables are connected to a special central exhaust system by pipes underneath each table which removes fumes and bad smell of formalin. There is a main table in the center which is equipped with a high resolution video camera attached to 8 LED TV screens. As a result the medical students will now have the most comprehensive anatomy training on cadavers and prosected specimens. Department procured the embryology models to understand the three dimensional view of development of various organ/systems. This is a tremendous enhancement to teaching and learning resources of the College of Medicine. The facility enables the instructors to give live demo on cadavers to all the students at the same time. This anatomy laboratory is the best in the region and among the top most gross anatomy laboratories in the world.

The Department is also furnished with well-equipped histology laboratory with microscopes and high-quality microscopic slides of all the tissues of the body.
The laboratory is also equipped with various models of different organs and human skeletal system and loose human bones. The department is perusing plastinated organs and brains for the future. 


The department is actively involved in research in collaboration with West Virginia University, Morgantown, USA. The main areas of research are clinical anatomy, anthropology, morphometry, electron microscopy, and medical education in a quest for excellence in teaching.


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