Student Projects

A group of two students produced a model of the Al-Mawaleh interchange, a student project aimed at encouraging their creative talents. The result has been widely appreciated by all and the model has been handed over to the president of Muscat Municipality. It currently finds a place in the main offices of the Muscat Municipality.

These students were previously involved in the creation of a smaller model of the Al-Khoud grade interchange the success of which led to the creation of the Al-Mawaleh interchange.

Student Activities

Site visits:
Site visits are a regular feature of students’ training at the Department. Site visits are arranged on a regular basis as part of module delivery during which students have an opportunity to learn first-hand the various practical aspects of their profession.

Water Treatment Plant

SQU Visit

Visit to Mosque

Industry Interaction:

Exposure to real-life situations is the main stay of student training at CoE. The objective is to allow students an opportunity to see and experience for themselves the routine activities of fellow professionals. Where possible, they are allowed an opportunity to participate in such activities. Summer placement is one such opportunity for students to experience the work environment they are likely to come across on completion of training.

One such industry-related activity is traffic survey undertaken by students on road mid-blocks for the expansion of Seeb International Airport Expansion. Working in conjunction with the consultants for the project, the students were able to plan, undertake and complete a traffic survey on designated traffic arteries.

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