Lab Facilities

Emphasis is laid on experimentation as part of module delivery. This aids in putting to use concepts and principles embedded through classroom teaching and in their verification. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has at its disposal the following laboratories:

1. Structural Mechanics Laboratory

2. Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

3. Survey Laboratory

4. Geotechnics Laboratory

5. Building Performance Laboratory

6. Water and Environmental Engineering Laboratory

7. Highway Materials Testing Laboratory

8. CAD Laboratory

Computing Facilities

The Department houses a CAD laboratory with a variety of software most of which are accessible from anywhere on the campus through a local area network and wireless network connection. Some software* specific to use by students of Built Environment are available at the Civil CAD laboratory. Additionally, students are allowed access to any of the computing laboratories in the college at pre-determined times outside of teaching hours.

Library Facilities

The college Library and Information Services Centre has a well-stocked library with a variety of learning and teaching resources including audio-visual resources. Access to the library is flexible designed to suit students’ requirements at different times during the academic year.

Specific to the Department of Built and Natural Environment, the resources at the library include the following:

  • 495 Title
  • 1577 Volumes
  • 11 Journals

Following journals are available in the Built Environment section at the library:

1. Construction Engineering and management

2. Geo Technical & Geo Environmental Engineering

3. Computing in Civil engineering

4. Materials in Civil Engineering

5. Structural Engineering

6. Hydraulic Engineering

7. ASCE journal of Transportation Engineering

8. ASCE journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

9. Concrete Construction Journal

10. ASCE Civil Engineering

11. Construction World News

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