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Welcome to the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at the College of Engineering. The Department is committed to provide high quality learning experience in the existing and emerging fields of Mechanical, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Industrial Engineering and, both to focus on the higher educational requirements of the Sultanate of Oman and to contribute to the academic and overall development of College of Engineering.

As you begin to explore the department, a sense of commitment to tradition and innovation will stand out in our programmes, where students experience the complete design, manufacture, and marketing of a product. The honours degree programmes are designed to help students to develop skills and understanding of engineering principles to integrate design, operation and maintenance of engineering systems & chemical process equipment to meet the challenges of modern industries with particular emphasis to Oman and international needs.

The department has having well qualified faculty members and is equipped with the state of the art infrastructure for the laboratory work in order to impart high quality technical training. The laboratories facilitate students to acquire sound knowledge of theoretical and practical skills & engineering concepts. The department has fostered strong and developing links with business and industry through various channels such as specialized short courses, student placement, student projects and consultancy, industry sponsored part-time students, guest lecturers etc.

College of Engineering (CoE) has been providing guidance and counselling to its students through academic staff. This is in addition to various other supports provided through the NU Student Support Services. The academic counselling and guidance is mainly focused on students’ problems related to the academic performance, dissemination of information related to their studies, class attendance, participation in co- and extra- curricular activities, and advice on career and job prospects. In a nutshell, the role of the academic advisor is that of a ‘friend, philosopher and guide’. The student support mechanism is in operation through Academic Advisory System (ACADS)’ since academic year 2012_13.

In the years ahead, we will continue our efforts to attract and develop the highest quality faculty, student body and staff in a supportive teaching, learning, and working environment.

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