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Postgraduate Programs in February 2019

MSc Construction Management

The MSc Construction Management program is designed to impart the knowledge and skills that modern construction professionals need in order to meet the growing challenges of the field by focusing on sustainable construction methods and innovative management practice. Read more..

MSc Electrical Engineering

The MSc program develops technical and managerial skills with approaches necessary for addressing the ever demanding challenges in the power and energy and oil and gas sectors towards sustainable economic and social development. Graduates will have specialized training in electrical engineering with a focus on utility. The program fosters independent thinking and creativity that prepares graduates for research activities and to pursue doctoral degrees in electrical engineering or related disciplines. Read more..

MSc Information Technology

This course which allows you to specialise in key areas of IT such as internetworking and cyber security or management helps you hone your skills in your particular area of interest and advance your career. Read more..

MSc International Operations and Supply Chain Management

MSc International Operations and Supply Chain Management is offered in academic collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University (UK). This post graduate degree, awarded by GCU, provides the specialist knowledge and techniques to manage, improve and sustain the international operations and supply chain. Read more..

MSc Maintenance Management

This MSc programme is designed to impart skills and knowledge regarding modern maintenance strategies (such as condition-based maintenance and computerised maintenance systems) to professionals engaged in public and private sectorsRead more..

MSc Process Engineering

The MSc in Process Engineering provides postgraduate students with a comprehensive capability to invent, design, optimize and operate sustainable processes for human needs. The program also provides a broad in-depth knowledge of current industrial practice and research in the academic discipline of process engineering.Read more..

New programs in the coming future

MSc Engineering Management

The aim of the Engineering Management program is to provide postgraduate students with technical and managerial skills for leadership in engineering organizations and enterprises. This program is designed for professionals and students of engineering or science who want to pursue leadership and management career paths. The main goal of this program is to help graduates and working professionals to become more effective leaders of people and projects. Read more..

MSc Asset and Maintenance Management

The MSc in Asset and Maintenance Management provides graduates with the knowledge and competencies that are required by maintenance engineers and managers in oil and gas industries, petrochemical plants, refineries, power sectors, public and private infrastructures and other industries. Read more..

MSc Construction and Project Management

The MSc program in Construction and Project Management is designed to prepare graduate students technically and practically with advanced knowledge and skills that match the growing requirements of the construction industry locally, regionally and internationally. Students will gain a strong understanding of the construction industry environment and modern management concepts to deal with complexities and challenges associated with the construction environment. Read more..

MSc Chemical Process Engineering

The MSc in Chemical Process Engineering at NU is specifically designed to facilitate this collaboration and provides graduates from a variety of engineering and science disciplines with the advanced training required to enter the chemical or biochemical industries. Read more..

*NU will commence all these courses by September 2019 upon approval by Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman
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