About the Library

About the Library
NU is proud to mention that the constituent colleges have a central library within their campus to cater to the needs of UG and PG students of various courses and programs. The role of libraries in tertiary education is a vital one, which can help you to carry out your courses successfully. The library is supporting the educational and outreach endeavors by providing information resources and services to staff and students of the students/staff/Alumni community at the University.

College of Engineering

The NU library at College of Engineering is named as Library & Information Centre (LIC) which is having all the resources/facilities to cater to students’ needs for their study. All these services of the library can be availed with a valid student identification card.

The most fundamental requirement in engineering education is information. The library has great responsibility in providing the required information. LIC makes every endeavor to accomplish this task. The regular addition of books in all fields of engineering to cater to the needs of the users, subscription to technical journals for core areas, magazines and the addition of more number of computers and continuous development in infrastructure to create more new sections articulates the untiring efforts of the library in enhancing the quality of the services provided for the benefits of the staff and students of College of Engineering, NU.  

The library is located in the main building of the College of Engineering, Caledonian Campus, Al Hail, which facilitates an easy physical access. The library currently has an issue section, reference section, electronic library, periodical section, quiet area for individual study, quiet area for group study, and it is equipped with adequate furniture for reading purposes. At present, the total number of books has reached 22826, and this is continuously increasing. The collection of books consists of mainly Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Management, Personality Development Planning and English subjects. The library puts much emphasis on providing all level of modern services. The regular addition of computers is evidence of this. A separate computer section inside the library helps the students to access the electronic information as well as the library catalogue. The following is the current status of book collections for each subject.

Library & Information Center
Books Collection
Subject Volume Titles
Instrumentation and Control 775 200
Islamic Heritage and Culture 23 11
General 485 276
Process Operations and Maintenance 921 266
Mathematics 1432 344
Mechanical Engineering 3120 901
Physics 651 105
Management 1796 640
Chemistry 371 77
General Arabic 108 65
Computer Engineering 3502 1178
Technobasics 517 100
Educational and Personal development 1042 448
Civil Engineering 2640 835
English 4219 962
Communication Engineering 714 231
Electronic Engineering 2051 595
24367 7234
ProQuest E-Book Centralm (E-books database) 136435
ProQuest E- Journals 1740

The following are the resources at CCE Library and Information Centre.

  • Books
  • Journals
  • DELNET (Developing Library Network)
  • CD-ROM and Video access
  • Internet access

Access & Use

The library can be accessed by the members of NU - both students and staff - at the following working times.

Working Hours
Normal Working Days
Sunday to Thursday : 7.30 am to 8.30 pm
During vacation period
Sunday to Thursday : 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
During examination period
Sunday to Thursday : 7.30 am to 9.00 pm
All Saturdays: 09.00 am to 1.00 pm

College of Medicine and Health Sciences and College of Pharmacy

The mission of the central library at College of Medicine and Health Sciences is to function as a knowledge dissemination center that supports the educational and research programs of the College.

The objective is to provide selective dissemination of information and current awareness services to its members mainly through owned resources and partly through shared and networked electronic resources.

Library Timings

Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Fridays & Saturdays - Library will remain closed

Contact Details

Contact Details of Bousher Campus Library
Head of Library & Information Services: Tel Ext: 171
Library Assistant: Tel Ext: 170

Contact Details of Sohar Campus Library
Head Librarian: Tel Ext: 720
Library Assistant: Tel Ext: 725, 723, 722

Contact Details of College of Engineering
Head of Library & Information Centre: Tel Ext: 650
Library Assistant: Tel Ext: 651, 652 654

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