MSc. Engineering Management

BEng Chemical Engineering

About this program

The aim of the Engineering Management program is to provide postgraduate students with technical and managerial skills for leadership in engineering organizations and enterprises. This program is designed for professionals and students of engineering or science who want to pursue leadership and management career paths. The main goal of this program is to help graduates and working professionals to become more effective leaders of people and projects.

The curriculum prepares graduates to understand the relationships between engineering and management for effective planning, organization, leadership, control, and to address the human element in production, operation and consultancy services. The program provides a blend of technical and managerial skills with topics such as project management, engineering economics and finance, decision making and risk management, operational and marketing and management.

Students are required to successfully complete 45 credit hours to be awarded the MSc degree.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program find opportunities in a diverse array of in industries or organizations as managers, administrators, lead analysts, technologists and researchers. Graduates will have opportunities to choose their areas of concentration with a choice of optional courses in the following pathways Transportation and Logistics, Oil and Gas, Energy Systems, Innovation and Technology Management.

Entry requirements

In addition to the general master’s entry requirements, the specific program requirements are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant engineering or science/mathematics field
  • Candidates from other disciplines may be considered case by case if they have relevant work experience not less than 3 years.
  • Proficiency in English language equivalent to IELTS band 6 or TOEFL equivalent for the applicants who were not assessed and taught in English Bachelor Degree level

What will you Study?

Semester 1
Course Name Credit hours
Methods and Strategies  in Research 3
Organizational Behavior 4
Marketing Management 4

Total Credit Hours

Semester 2
Course Name Credit hours
Economics and Financial Management for Engineers 4
Project Management 4
Elective 1 4

Total Credit Hours

Semester 3
Course Name Credit hours
Operation Analysis and Management 4
Elective 2 4
Total Credit Hours 12
Total Cumulative for exit 35
Postgraduate Diploma with minimum of 30 credit hours
Semester 4
Course Name Credit hours
Master Thesis 9
Research Seminar 1
Total Credit Hours 10
Total Cumulative for exit degree 45
Master of Science

Concentration: Transportation and Logistics

  • Principles of SCM
  • Introduction to Transportation and Logistics

Concentration: Oil and Gas

  • Oil and Gas Technology
  • Oil and Gas Management          

Concentration: Energy Systems

  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Energy & Environmental Engineering

Concentration: Innovation and Technology Management

  • Entrepreneurial Strategies and Innovation Management
  • Technology Management

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