MSc. Process Engineering

About this program (In Academic Collaboration with University of South Carolina, USA)

The MSc in Process Engineering provides postgraduate students with a comprehensive capability to invent, design, optimize and operate sustainable processes for human needs. The program also provides a broad in-depth knowledge of current industrial practice and research in the academic discipline of process engineering.

Career Opportunities

MSc in Process Engineering is to provide the postgraduate students with a comprehensive approach to invent, design, optimize and operate sustainable processes for human needs. The design of curriculum is made-to-order to meet the needs of ever-changing technology and business environment in the context of Global as well as Sultanate of Oman perspectives. In view of the huge operation of process plants of enormous value and criticality of operational supervision needs and essentiality of the conservation aspects of these needs, the country is in need of Process Engineers with skills supported by knowledge who can operate the processes. Career opportunities exist in government sectors, Ministries and major private organizations such as Petroleum Development Oman, Sohar and Oman refinery, Occidental Inc., MB Petroleum, Shell, Oman LNG, Oman gases LLC, Tebodin, Indo Oman fertilizers and many other organizations , contractors and consultants where process operations need to be planned and to be succeeded.

Entry requirements

In addition to the general master’s entry requirements, the specific program requirements are as follows:

  • A 4 years bachelor’s degree in relevant engineering program including chemical, process, petroleum, mechanical, energy and environment engineering program.
  • Candidates from other disciplines may be considered case by case basis, if they have relevant work experience of not less than 3 years
  • Proficiency in English language equivalent to IELTS band 6 or TOEFL equivalent for the applicants who were not assessed and taught in English at UG level.

What will you study?

Semester 1
Course Name Credit hours
Transport Phenomena 4
Applied Process Design 4
Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering 4
Hazard Analysis and Safety Management 2
Total Credit Hours 14
Semester 2
Course Name Credit hours
Petrochemical Technologies 4
Computer Aided Process Engineering 2
Energy and Environmental Engineering 4
Process Instrumentation and Control 4
Total Credit Hours 14
Semester 3
Course Name Credit hours
Process Plant Optimization and Economics 4
Process Modelling & Simulation 4
Emerging Technologies 2
Water and Wastewater Treatment 2
Total Credit Hours 12
Semester 4
Course Name Credit hours
Seminar 2
Project Work 18
Total Credit Hours 20
Total Cumulative for exit degree 60

Contact Details

For administration related inquiries:
Ms Rita Samuel
Asst. Manager
MSc Admissions & Marketing
Tel: +968 24536165 Ext 212/213
Mobile +968 94627959

For academic related inquiries:
Dr Lakkim Setty Nageswara Rao
Assistant Professor
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department
Tel: +968 24536165 Ext 528

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