College of Medicine and Health Sciences

College of Medicine and Health Sciences
College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sohar Campus

Message from the
Dean, College of Medicine and Health Sciences

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the College of Medicine and Health Sciences under the National University of Science and Technology. The college previously known as Oman Medical College has been in existence  from  the year 2000 and to date and more than 700 undergraduate students have passed through  its portals with an MD degree in medicine and are successfully practicing or pursuing postgraduate programmes in Oman and abroad. The college is affiliated to the West Virginia University in the United States.

Located at Sohar, the serene oasis has ideal environment conducive to learning. The college buildings’ traditional and modest architecture spell out its vision of being contextualized to meeting the health care needs of the people of Oman and beyond.

Classrooms and laboratories have been designed keeping students interests in mind with the anatomy laboratory being the best in the region. Facilities include an excellent library where a large amount of material is available offline as well as online and the IT department ensures WIFI continuous access at all times.

Clinical training is introduced at the skills lab and then is mostly bedside and hands on at authorized health care regional hospitals and health care centres located at Sohar and Rustaq.

Faculty have been very carefully selected and come from diverse backgrounds, having worked at very reputable national and international institutions. They are certified medical teachers and are encouraged to keep abreast with their subject. The curriculum has been recently completely revised and its delivery is learner centered using modern methods in medical education, to ensure it meets world standards. The college will be applying for program accreditation in keeping with international requirements.

Education is a lifelong experience and the college plays a major role in initiating you on this voyage as dean, it gives me immense happiness and joy to provide facilities that will help you fulfil your dreams thus transforming you from energetic young students into mature doctors who will play responsible roles in the society, country and  world making your families and our college very proud.

Wishing you all the very best as you embark on this journey.

Welcome to your bright future.

Wishing you all the best

Dr. Mohammad Al Shafaee
Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • The College of Medicine and Health Sciences, formerly known as Oman Medical College, was established in 2001.
  • The first and the only private medical education provider in the country.
  • Offers a 6 year Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program in academic partnership with West Virginia University (USA).
  • Clinical training is completed in hospitals and other healthcare centers of the Ministry of Health situated in Sohar and Rustaq.
  • Well-equipped classrooms, advanced laboratories, WiFi, library, hostels for girls, restaurants and coffee shops, sports and recreational areas.
  • 800+ students from 22 countries are registered.
  • More than 500 stay in the college supervised hostel facilities.
  • 168 staff members across 12 academic departments and administration units are deployed areas

College of Medicine and Health Sciences has the following departments in the sohar campus.

  • Anatomy & Neuroscience
  • Human Function
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology
  • Pathology
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Public Health
  • Family Medicine

  • Please contact us at the following address in order to meet and discuss a range of opportunities available at Sohar Campus to pursue academics in Medicine and Health Sciences.

    College of Medicine and Health Sciences (Sohar Campus)
    P.O. 391, P.C. 321
    Sohar, Sultanate of Oman
    Tel: (+968) 2685 2005 / 2685 2007
    Fax : (+968) 26843545

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