Research and Publications

The department is actively involved in research and publications in the following areas:

  • Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Systems, Stochastic Processes and Applied Probability. Reliability/Stochastic models help in analyzing the complex system behavior in terms of useful reliability indices. Many funded research projects have been undertaken in this area specifically for the local industries. The benefit of expertise in Reliability is being extended to staff and students pursuing PhD & Master’s programme in Maintenance management at the College.
  • Fluid mechanics that imparts the study of Newtonian fluid mechanics arising in the applications of fluids engineering.
  • Numerical analysis to deal with approximate solutions of desired accuracy of complex physical models of modern science and engineering. Classical methods give exact solutions which can handle only a particular class of problems whereas the numerical techniques can handle higher order linear and nonlinear functional equations that arise in different types of motion of fluids, mechanics of solids, and deformation of elastic beams in an equilibrium state with simply supported ends, transverse vibrations of hinged beams, etc.

Research and Publications in Journals / Conferences

Name of Staff Research Interests No. of Publications in International /refereed Journals / Conferences Membership of Professional bodies No. of PhD / MPhil / MSc Supervisions Completed/ Ongoing No. of Research Projects
Professor (Dr) S M Rizwan

Reliability Modeling Stochastic Processes
Applied Probability

  • Senior Member (IEEE Reliability Society)
  • Executive Council member & Life member (Indian Society of information Theory and Applications)
  • International Association of engineers
  • Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics
05 (PhD)
Ms Nabila Ahmed Sakidad Al Balushi Applied Statistics 01 Royal Statistical Society, UK
Dr A.Senguttuvan

Stochastic differential system
Reliability Modeling & Analysis
Geometric Function Theory

  • Life Member - Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Life Member - Indian society for Technical Education
Dr Padmavathi Narayanan Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Systems 13
  • Life Member - Indian Society of information Theory and Applications
  • Life Member - Association of Mathematics Teachers of India
Dr Javed Ali

Numerical Analysis

Dr Karthikeyan k.R Geometric function theory 23
Mr Amarender Reddy The conceptual frame work on different equations 03
  • Life Member (International Engineering and Technology Institute)
  • Life Member (International association of Engineers)
  • Life Member in Institute of Doctors, Engineers and Scientists
Mr Syed Zahoor Ul Haque Peristaltic flow of Newtonian Nano fluid 02
Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Mohammed Abdellatif Bio Fluid Mechanics Modeling Applied Mathematics 10
Mr Yaqoob Mubarak Mohammed Al Rahbi Reliability Modeling & Analysis Developing Curriculum 02 Life Member (Society for Reliability Engineering, Quality and Operations Management) 01
Mr Syed Zeghem Taj Reliability Modeling and Analysis Teaching and learning practices 04 Research Group in Mathematical Inequalities & Applications

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