Hear from Department Head

Professor (Dr) Syed Mohd Rizwan
Head - Department of Applied Mathematics & Science

The Department of Applied Mathematics & Science plays an important role in fulfilling the growing requirements of the College for skillfully trained engineers with sound mathematical background. It caters to the need of Mathematics and Statistics courses being taught across the College into various degree programs of engineering. The dynamic and qualified group of faculty is dedicated and enthusiastic in communicating the applications and intrinsic beauty of the subject and emphasizing to meet its obligations to the community and the nation. The department plays its key role in offering high quality teaching using latest teaching aids. We strongly feel, since the knowledge of Mathematics is cumulative, students who fall behind a particular threshold in their mathematical education will find it very difficult to cope. In order to overcome, the Mathematics Learning Support Center is one of the unique facilities offered by the department to help those students through additional support classes in Mathematics during college working hours.

The department realizes the importance of innovative research and therefore the core research group of the department is actively involved in research in a wide range of Mathematics / Statistics applications but is particularly specialized in Reliability modeling and analysis, Applied Probability & Stochastic Processes.

Last but not the least, the success of the department lies in realizing the fact that how effectively our students are able to demonstrate the knowledge of mathematics in their career and day today life and hence it is evident that the very purpose of the department lies on end-user’s satisfaction in day-today effective learning process.

Contact Information:

Professor (Dr) Syed Mohd Rizwan
Head of the Department
Department of Applied Mathematics & Science
P O Box 2322, Seeb-111,
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: 24536165 ext. 675

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